English: "R" rating of Motion Pictur...

English: “R” rating of Motion Picture Association of America film rating system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was wandering around the blogging network a found this great idea for a new page for my blog. It comes because I know we all get that thought in our heads when we see the most ridiculous things on the net WTF was that. It’s so stupid it just leaves you dumb struck. So I am going to explore the net for the most ridiculous subjects and post them here. This will not be rated PG 14 everything will be posted as I find it and I will not hold back on saying it as i see it! “So if your faint of heart or you just don’t like this kinda shit then bye-bye, hasta la vista baby, and get out now! or at least off this page” Thank you kindly for respecting the rules.


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