Green Tech

Green Innovations Ltd is focused on filling a void in the eco-friendly, biodegradable product array. As the world continues to trend away from tree-based products in favor of products with smaller carbon footprints, consumers are becoming more educated about the “green” products that are available to them in the marketplace and are consequently demanding higher standards for these products. In order to help satisfy this demand, Green Innovations Ltd, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Green Hygienics Inc., is the exclusive and licensed North American distributor of American Hygienics Corporation 100% tree-free, bamboo-based product line, including personal care and paper-based goods. Our products provide their end-users the opportunity to enjoy the quality and performance delivered by a company that has been producing for over a decade, the cost-benefit of a company that manufactures local raw material, and the satisfaction of knowing that by using these products they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and to continue the movement towards a more healthy and sustainable planet.

“To source, manufacture, distribute, and market well-priced tree-free bamboo products of the highest quality to environmentally conscious and general consumers across North America.”

Green Innovations intends to execute a multi-faceted approach to achieve its underlying mission statement with the ultimate goal of building and maintaining shareholder value;

1) Create a financially self-sustainable company through organic growth and institutional funding when required. Green Innovations will not complete any unnecessary funding to dilute our stock; we maintain this will enhance shareholder value over the long term.

2) Expand our product line through our “quick-turnaround” concept to our existing clients as well as new clients. By listening to our clients’ needs we can roll out more new products quickly to meet growing market demands.

3) Grow our sales force in various regions across the United States. This will help the Company increase sales in new markets with new retailers and provide additional market intelligence required to introduce new products nationwide.

4) Expand our service and product offerings in Canada through new sales representatives.

5) Expand our product and sales force outside North America. The Company has identified several additional regions for potential growth, including Europe, the Middle East, as well as Central and South America.

6) Consistently review services and corporate mandate to maintain the highest level of service and products to our clients and our shareholders.

Our bamboo products are far more earth-friendly than their conventional, paper-based alternatives. Bamboo can be grown and harvested in less than 5 years, during which time the bamboo will absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen than a similarly-sized group of hardwood trees. Bamboo is a grass that does not require heavy chemical treatment to flourish, and unlike their hardwood counterparts, harvested bamboo fields maintain their root systems, which means less erosion and ultimately less chemical runoff. Finally, bamboo products such as diapers, wipes, and packaging that will potentially end up in landfills, will biodegrade at much faster rates than will petroleum-based diapers, cotton wipes, and foam packaging. Throughout the life cycle, the advantages of using bamboo are clear. We, at Green Innovations Ltd, are pleased to offer to you the many benefits of being greener by living tree free with an expanding line of bamboo-based products.

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