Native rights repined!

Today I sit here wondering when true equality will be ours for the taking. I have been researching our heritage as it is defined in the Websters dictionary all found anywhere on the information railway, see..

Wikipedia; (The indigenous Peoples of Canada are divided among a large number of different ethnolinguistic groups, including the Inuit in the northern territory of Nunavut, the Algonquian language groups in eastern Canada (Mi’kmaq in the Maritime ProvincesAbenaki of Quebec and Ojibway of the central region), the Iroquois of central Canada, the Cree of northern Ontario, Quebec and the Great Plains, peoples speaking the Athabaskan languages of Canada’s northwest, the Salishan language groups of British Columbia and other peoples of the Pacific coast such as the TsimshianHaidaKwakwaka’wakw and Nuu-chah-nulth.[12] Each of the indigenous peoples developed vibrant societies with complex economies, political structures and cultural traditions that were subsequently affected profoundly by interaction with the European populations. The Metis are an indigenous people whose culture and identity was produced by a fusion of First Nations with the French, Irish and Scottish fur trade society of the north and west.)

Ok so what I was searching for is the identity of African Canadians who also blended with the First Nations in our hope to survive. Seems like they still have not included the mixed heritage Afro Canadians in to the pot. Somehow it seems that they still don’t get it, we want what you have the same rights and equality’s that you have nothing more. In today’s age i don’t think i should have to ask! Your records speak for themselves, we have amassed great amounts of knowledge. So much so that soon we will leave this planet, go out in search of greater ideas.

I what Canada to recognize that if they give to people of a clear complexion the right to bear the status of “Aboriginal Peoples” of the “First Nations”. Then they should also allow for the same rights to the Aboriginal Peoples who are dark of complexion. That just makes common the sense of where we come from! To be given anything less is to belittle our historic value to the National history of Canada.

I am a Canadian first how can i be anything less. but to pin down my heritage is another thing

Why is it that when your trying to live within our Charter Of Rights. Is it that I don’t see mention of  Afro Canadians Peoples in any way, other than as transposed Slaves least not they mention that Canada had Slaves too! Brought in on dutch ships to be sold just like down South. The see no evil rule don’t apply people no really it don’t!!!

 All I really want to know is why are there so many law makers, Who still think that if you’re not talking about it, then it must be right! Shouldn’t we believe not to have gone to the Law,  but that the Law should encompass us under the law to equal rights for all.

Wake up start amending the laws as by what is truly right, not for any one persons interests but for the interests of all. So then what our four fathers had fought for so long ago in Canada comes to bear true fruition 

Here is a whole culture being wash beneath rugs, because White Canada still defines themselves as having first right to say who is who!

How can you give all rights to the Metis of Quebec where white french colonist mixed with the Aboriginal Peoples and the same for the Scottish and Irish, do you get the trend here? How come the same isn’t said for the People of Afro Decent who also mixed with the Native Peoples. Is it because you rejected them then that you should still reject them today.

Are we still being segregated by our color differences?

Are we all equal in all of our Charter Rights ?

Do we all have Equal Representation?

Until they give Equal rights to that of a Mixed First Peoples and Afro Canadians the same equal rights as those of the French, Irish, and other Europeans settlers.  Then it is that you still call us unequal to you, to the benefits of the full power in “The Charter of Rights”!

Second class no more for  I believe that We Afro-Canadians were there too, how about You?


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